Rental conditions Rental conditions

Our rental terms are:

  • At least one adult of at least 25 years must be in the group that wishes to pre-book an apartment with us.
  • We send confirmation of booking with payment details after the booking has been agreed on these conditions.
  • The tenant pays the booking fee of SEK 1,000 no later than one week after the invoice date.
  • The tenant pays the remaining amount no later than 30 days before arrival.
  • Voluntary cancellation protection costs SEK 500. On presentation of a medical certificate, we will refund the paid fee in addition to the booking fee.
  • The tenant is responsible for cleaning before departure and is liable for compensation for damage beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all apartments.
  • Arrival and departure day is Sunday (normal full week) or Thursday (normal short week) unless otherwise stated or agreed. Changeover time is normally 12 o’clock.

As landlords, we highly value a personal contact.

Therefore, we do not apply automatic booking. Each preliminary booking must be confirmed by agreeing to the above rental conditions and then via personal contact.
To reduce the processing time, we ask you to please first check the booking status and then proceed with a pre-booking.

Welcome to Snickar M Andersson’s cottages in Sälen.

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