Eat and drink, services and leisure in Sälen

Our mountain cabins are cozy and many people choose to spend the time inside just in the cabins. Perhaps you are cozying up with family or friends by the fireplace, enjoying yourself at the dining table or maybe watching TV? Since we want your time in our mountain cabins to be as memorable as the time on the slopes, terrain and nature, we have put together some lists with places to eat and drink, services and leisure in Sälenfjällen.

On the one hand, Sälenfjällen offers so much more than slopes/nature/terrain and relaxation in the houses, for example outdoor areas. Perhaps après-ski or a dinner at one of the fine restaurants within easy reach of our cabin rental? On the other hand, if you would rather indulge in our well-equipped kitchens, there are grocery stores and other shops not far from the cabins in Gruven and Tangen. Alternatively, you can go on an excursion among the destinations in the mountains. There is a lot here for young and old.

With this in mind, we have put together a list (rather four lists) for those of you who want to know more about what Sälenfjällen has to offer. Despite our good intentions, a page with links cannot possibly cover the total range of what is useful and enjoyable in Sälenfjällen. Nevertheless, here you will find links to most things related to service, food and drink and activities that are perhaps mainly current during the white season. Compared to the winter season, the off-season offer is a little narrower. Despite that, Sälenfjällen lives all year round and our cabin rental is available all year round.

Eat and drink

To begin with, the range of places to eat in Sälen is generous to say the least and consists of much more than waffle dinners and hot chocolate with whipped cream. In short, food is served from all (well) corners of the world, for example Asian (sushi, etc.), American (hamburger, steakhouse, BBQ), Italian (Pizza and fine dining), French (a la carte, etc.), Middle Eastern (kebab, etc. ) for both lunch and dinner. In addition, “Café och Restaurang Mezzo” in Tandådalen is in Guide Michelin and eight more Sälen restaurants can be found in White guide. These are marked with “***” in the list below.

Also in terms of drinks, Sälen is at the top, not least through its local Sälens fjällbryggeri. You can find a good selection of wine and other drinks at Pontus i Sälen, Restaurant The Lamb and the Pig or Restaurang Frö, all three of which are members of the Star Wine List. In addition to wines, more specifically Champagne is tasted at Champagnehyllan in Högfjällshotellet or at Hotel Bügelhof. Just mention a few examples. Every ski resort with some self-respect offers après-ski, ofter in combination with live music. Here you will find these and much more.

Please note that some of the shops and outdoor venues offer take-away or home delivery to our mountain cabins.

Eat and drink near the rental cottage in Gruven:

11Appetito Ristorant ***Franskt Spanskt Italienskt Grekiskt,
16Gammelgården Restaurang ***Husmanskost Vilt,
17Gammelgårdens VåffelstugaVåfflor
21Onkel Jean ***Vin Champagne,
22Seafood Bar ***Asiatiskt, Fisk Skaldjur, Viner, Whisky Öl,
23TB Grill RoomGrill
46ChampagnehyllanMiddag, Vin Champagne
47LeffesGrill, Hamburgare Kebab Pizza
48PianobarenHusmanskost Vilt, Livemusik
49VinterträdgårdenAfter ski, Livemusik, Nattklubb

Eat and drink closer to the rental cabin in Tangen:

Services, shopping, beauty, health

Man does not live by bread alone. If there is something you miss, there are shops not too far away. Among other things, Sälen offers a lot of other things, for example ski shop, ICA, petrol stations, health care, beauty etc

List of links to service, shopping, beauty and health near our cottages

1Emmas FrisörBad Skönhet Hälsa GymLindvallen
11Salong SnöklippetBad Skönhet Hälsa GymHögfjället
12Pulse-Spa-Gym-SaunaBad Skönhet Hälsa GymHögfjället
36Vackert väderPister Snödjup VäderLindvallen
41Väder AlarmPister Snödjup VäderHögfjället
46Hertz hyrbilarBensin HyrbilLindvallen
47Butiker o SercviceShoppingHögfjället
51PisterPister Snödjup VäderLindvallen
53Spa och Hälsa ExperiumBad Skönhet Hälsa GymLindvallen
55Ävenstyrsbadet ExperiumBad Skönhet Hälsa GymLindvallen

Outdoor activities and excursion destinations, slopes and tracks for the whole family

Winter in Sälenfjällen

Including Hundfjället, Tandådalen, Kläppen and Stöten, you have access to 126 lifts and 188 runs for downhill and slalom. The roughly 3-kilometer long downhill slope “Mormor’s downhill run” can be found in Stöten, as well as the Word cup slope. Sweden’s second steepest – but fastest – piste is “The Wall” in Hundfjället. With its 45 degree incline and a speed record of 198 km/h, it may not be for the whole family. Fortunately, easier pistes are available for beginners and children in all ski complexes. You can reach all slopes within half an hour by car. On the other hand, slopes and cross-country trails start right next to our mountain cabins in Gruven and Tangen. Leave the car at the cabin and let yourself go on the slopes and off-road.

But it doesn’t just go downhill. The area also offers more than 25 miles of tracked terrain for those who want to go cross-country skiing, perhaps as training for the Vasaloppet. In winter there is usually plenty of snow for children and families to build snowmen and make snow angels in. Right outside the door. There are also many snowmobile trails here and tours with dog sleds are offered in several places, as an alternative to being responsible for the exercise yourself.

Sälenfjällen is simply a fantastic winter resort for the whole family.

Summer and autumn in Sälen

Towards the edge of spring, the winter season fades away and lifts and slopes get a rest. But the Andersson family’s cottage rental does not rest, but is available all year round. The rest of the year offers a lot of other outdoor activities. The undulating terrain invites you to biking with a normal bicycle or mountain bike. Transtrands and Sälenfjällen are fantastic hiking routes during summer and autumn. Or why not take a fishing trip or a ride on an Icelandic horse?

Why not combine benefit with pleasure: from summer to autumn there is plenty of opportunity to find and pick berries as well as mushrooms. It provides both exercise and vitamins. Above all, you get a wonderful close-to-nature experience to remember when you take your berries out of the freezer. Don’t forget to take your camera out. There is so much beauty to capture, in both large and small ways.

Feel free to check the reservation status in our cabin rental for available cabins when you want your accommodation for a holiday with the family or why not a staff conference? Each apartment holds 8-10 people and if you rent several apartments, it is enough for a family reunion or small conference.

List of excursion destinations, slopes and trails:

1HundspannHundspann SkoterHögfjället
2SkotersafariHundspann SkoterHögfjället
3Biograf VinterpalatsetBio BowlingHögfjället
9Sälens KiteskolaSport Idrott GamesLindvallen
10Bio Sälen ExperiumBio BowlingLindvallen
11Sälens snöskotersafariHundspann SkoterLindvallen
12Bowling och spel ExperiumBio BowlingLindvallen
13Cykla i SälenCykling Ridning Vandring NaturLindvallen

Do you have suggestions for other links that might be useful and fun?

A slightly longer tips page with links can be found here. But … We welcome suggestions for other links to that may be of interest to families and our other guests. Just go via our contact page, and we will try to get everything we can in.

The idea is that you who live with us should be able to get a list of links that you can have both benefit and pleasure from. Both before and during your stay with us.

Welcome to Snickar M Andersson’s cottage rentals in Sälen.

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